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What happens if my domain is hosted by a third party?

No problem, there is no difference , if your mail is received by a server in your office or by a third party server.

What server operating system is supported?

Mail Scan Service supports all kinds of mail servers, it doesn´t matter what operating system your server is based on, Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac or any other, as long as you have your own domain, MSS is capable of filtering it.

How long does it take to install?

For the client, there is no installation process by itself, simply make a change in the DNS configuration and you can start receiving mail filtered by MSS in just 10 minutes.

How many users does it support?

Mail Scan Service can filter from one mail account in ahead, actually our biggest client has 3000 accounts.

My mail has been rejected by MAIL SCAN SERVICE, what should I do?

Mail Scan Service will block your messages if your IP address is blacklisted for SPAM mailing, or if you have sent an attached archive that is potentially dangerous or is infected with a virus.

Blacklists are databases which contain thousands of IP addresses that send unwanted mail (SPAM) either intentionally or because they are infected with some sort of Troyan.


To determine if your server is found in one of those lists, first you have to know your IP address, if your server is located in the same place as you are, it´s probable that your public IP address is the same one your server used to send the message to MSS.


You may use the following site address to find out:, your address will appear in the upper right hand corner. In this same page there is a that that will search for your address in the main SPAM lists on the Internet. Type your public IP address in SPAM Database Lookup, if it´s listed you may click and will find the instructions to request the removal from the list; but you must determine and solve the reason why you have been listed. You may ask for help or technical support from our personnel by sending an email to


If you receive a notification of a blocked archive by our filters, it´s possible that it is infected or is potentially dangerous to our clients, for that reason it will always be removed.


I have a client that is blacklisted and I need the information he is sending, what can I do?

Mail Scan Service will always block all mails from blacklisted IP addresses, we recommend that the recipient uses an alter email account to receive the message such as Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, among others, and that he verifies why he has been blacklisted.

How can I be safer?

Use false email addresses: Try to use phony email addresses whenever you fill out an online form to avoid that the information falls into the hands of SPAMERS.


Never open SPAM mail: Sometimes mail contain images that are downloaded in the SPAMER server, informing him that the address is currently in use.


Never answer to unwanted mail:Remember those door to door salesmen waiting for someone to answer the door? … Once you reply you will face the problem of getting rid of them. Same thing happens with the SPAMERS, once they confirm that your address is active.

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Mail Scan Service is a company dedicated to the research and development of security solutions focused in the hygiene of electronic mail. Our mail filtering services offer protection , to more than 5000 mailboxes, against Spam, virus, Phishing, Malware and Worms.

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