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How does it work?

The Mail Scan Service servers filter your mail on-line from Spam, Virus, Malware and Worms, using different techniques and multiple antivirus engines, offering %99.9 effectiveness.
  • 1 Your mail is received by our server
  • 2 Your mail is analysed againts virus and SPAM
  • 3 Valid messages are delivered to your server
The messages are received first by our servers and each is scanned for:
  • The origin of the connection by white, black and gray lists.
  • The data transmission characteristics according to the RFC (standards).
  • The heading, body and structure of the message, de-activating dangerous HTML content.
  • The reputation of the messages by signatures (checksums) and Spam spread statistics.
  • The reputation of the links included in the message and its relation with the HTML code links (Anti-phishing).
  • The attached data with different antivirus engines avoiding spread in your network.


Valid messages are immediately delivered to your mail server. This process is totally transplant transparent for the users not require changes in your current infrastructure.

Mail Scan Service is a company dedicated to the research and development of security solutions focused in the hygiene of electronic mail. Our mail filtering services offer protection , to more than 5000 mailboxes, against Spam, virus, Phishing, Malware and Worms.

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