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““I´m the mail administrator of my company, often heard complaints from the users due to the great amount of SPAM received. I received around 300 mails a day, from which 290 were SPAM mail, it was a nightmare. In just 30 minutes MSS was up and running and now I only receive business related mail, my users are extremely happy.
Thank you Mail Scan Service.”

“At first, I examined all received mail before deleting them, but as time passed by it turned out to be impossible due to the huge amount of SPAM I was getting and so I deleted ALL my messages (SPAM and important mail), implementing a mail filtering solution required a great investment for the company and we lacked personnel to administer it. When we heard of MSS we decided to try it, with only one small change I managed to regain control of my mail and I don´t face the risk of eliminating important emails Mail Scan Service was our best choice.”

“With the use of Mai Scan Service, the amount of unwanted emails will be reduced dramatically (up to 99%) in our servers, bringing a significant reduction of the use of bandwidth of your connection, CPU load for virus scan in your servers, and storage requirements. With Mail Scan Service your Exchange, Lotus, etc. servers are protected and operate more efficiently.”

Mail Scan Service is a company dedicated to the research and development of security solutions focused in the hygiene of electronic mail. Our mail filtering services offer protection , to more than 5000 mailboxes, against Spam, virus, Phishing, Malware and Worms.

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